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Our Team

"We believe that every dog is unique,
with their own personality, preferences, and needs."

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Alberto Castro
Alberto is invaluable as daycare assistant, he makes everything possible by getting everyone what they need. We can’t do it without him!
Alejandro Zarate-Clark
Alejandro is invaluable to our team, a detail oriented and hard working handler who always is there to help his team members out. Alejandro is also quite the foodie.
Amy Greenlese
When working with dogs, it is so important to have the right energy, to connect with the dogs and put them at ease. Amy has that talent, the ability to connect with the dogs and they are so comfortable around her!
Bri Fairchild
We love having Bri on our team with her upbeat and positive energy! The dogs love her and so do our clients! She’s a real team player and always ready to help out!
Dirk Broersma, CPACO
Dirk is the founder and CEO of A Walk in the Park. He is one of the few Certified Professional Animal Care Operators in Ohio, certified through PACCC. He doesn’t have a favorite breed of dog, he loves them all. He dislikes tourist traps.
Grace Diebert
Grace is extremely talented and passionate about our mission. She is in charge of our enrichment program. She has lots of positive energy and enthusiasm
Janet Cullum
Janet loves dogs and is excited about our mission, that’s why she joined our team. Janet helps on the customer side, keeping records organized and reporting back to the clients.
Kaloni Szydlowski
Kaloni is a great asset to our team. She is in charge of our social media, but also supervises the dogs and works the front desk. She is very knowledgeable about our operations.
Lisa Leeds
Lisa is our Reservation Specialist who works magic in putting everything together and keeping things organized. Lisa is the proud dog mom of Ramsey, the Great Dane. Her favorite holiday is Christmas.
Monica Jordan
We’re so glad to have Monica on our team. She is passionate about the dogs and wanting to find ways to take better care of them and help them overcome behavior issues they might have. She is observant and brings great ideas to our operation.
Shannon Loutzenhiser
Shannon is new to our team, she rather works with dogs than sitting behind a desk. She has a wonderful atitude and her laugh is contagious. Shannon is in training to become a dog groomer.
Stephanie Neyhart
Stephanie is a supervisor and is our longest serving team member. She is very detail oriented and knowledgeable about our operation. Stephanie loves Starbucks. Our clients appreciate her unique sense of humor.