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Enrichment Dog Daycare 3
Dogs have a limited understanding of the world. I have written before that they have the emotional capacity of a three year old. With limited control over what happens to them during the day, and the language barrier that exists between dogs and humans, it is understandable that dogs could become fearful of things they don’t understand and that are unknown to them. Because of this, it is so important that we create a joyful experience for the dogs that visit us and reduce stress. There are a number of things that we can do achieve this.

Familiarity breeds comfort. Regular attendance allows dogs to form stable friendships and understand the routine, significantly reducing anxiety. Our membership model encourages consistent visits, so the ranch becomes part of their known world.

Mental stimulation is as crucial as physical exercise in alleviating stress. Our tailored enrichment and training programs ensure your dog enjoys learning new skills, engaging in meaningful and satisfying natural behaviors, and creating social bonds. This structured approach not only keeps their minds active but also promotes a sense of achievement and enriches their lives.

Enrichment activities are designed to engage your dog's senses and intellect. From scent games that tap into their natural instincts, to puzzle toys that challenge their minds, our programs are crafted to promote well-being and ensure a fulfilling day.

Our facility is designed with your dog's comfort in mind. From spacious play yards that allow for freedom and exploration to quiet nooks and crannies for rest and relaxation, every aspect of our environment is tailored to meet their needs. The dogs especially love the doggie bedrooms for their overnight stays, where they can snuggle together and practice what we call social sleeping, which is a natural behavior for dogs.

We believe that the mood and demeanor of our staff significantly impacts the dogs in our care. Our team is trained to maintain a calm and positive presence, providing reassurance and comfort. We understand the importance of empathy and patience in creating a nurturing atmosphere where dogs can thrive. We practice positive reinforcement training techniques and behavior modification. For example, the staff practices a training game called ‘The Collar Grab Game’, where a positive association is created in the dogs mind to a human reaching for their collar. This reaching can be unsettling for a dog, yet we do it daily as we get dogs from the car and back. Creating a positive association helps reduce stress and sets a better tone for the day.

Keeping you informed about your dog's day is part of our stress-reduction strategy. Regular updates and feedback ensure that you're connected and comfortable with the care your dog is receiving, reinforcing the trust and bond between us.

At 'A Walk in the Park', we're more than a daycare—we're a community dedicated to the happiness and well-being of your beloved dog. By prioritizing consistency, training, thoughtful design, and a positive atmosphere, we're committed to providing a stress-free, enriching experience for every dog in our care.

We feel privileged to be able to take care of your dogs. We look forward to continuing to serve you and your furry family members with the utmost care and dedication.

Warmest regards,

Dirk and The Team at A Walk in the Park