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Welcome to our first newsletter, we want to keep all of our friends informed of what is going on here at the ranch! We have been here for about a year and a half now and we have already developed a loyal following! We want to thank everybody for their support, we are having a great time doing this. As we move forward, things will change and we want everybody to be aware. We launched our new website, we are currently making sure everything is accurate and we will continue to add information. You will find that it is easier to use. We have new forms to sign up and to request service. We are currently looking at kennel software that can be accessed through the website and will make it even easier to make your reservations. We will let everyone know when it is up and running.

Why is our day care different?

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Every Monday our staff trains. We train every detail, how to take the dogs outside, how to get the dogs in and out of our vans, how to introduce dogs into the playgroup, how to supervise these playgroups, when and how to intervene if things might get a little too rowdy. We practice this over and over, because we want all the dogs to be safe, have a great time and develop good social skills. We want to be the best at what we do.

Leashes and collars

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To make sure the dogs are safe, we need all the dogs that come and leave from the ranch to be on a leash. For the dogs that we pick up, we also leash them when we get them in and out of the car. It's important that the collar is tight enough that dogs cannot easily slip away. It's very dangerous to have a dog slip out of their collar, so please make sure that you cannot fit more than two fingers under the collar.
Once the dogs are on the ranch and ready to play, we remove all collars. This is done for the dogs' safety.
We ask that everyone use a simple flat leash with bag holders removed. Please no retractable leashes, they make it harder to control your dog. We also ask that you use a quick snap collar. Martingale collars can be difficult to remove from some dogs, especially if the dog has grown a lot since the collar was first purchased! Head halters or harnesses are fine, although some harnesses can be quite a puzzle... Simple is best.

Pricing changes

Starting November 1st, there will be a small price increase for transport and overnight stays. The transport fees will be as follows: $9 for each one way trip and $25 for a monthly pass. We want to offer the convenience of the doggie cab and we want to keep it affordable. We are looking for ways to make trips more economical, by doing more pick ups per trip. Driving is expensive, there is labor cost, gas and maintenance of the vehicle. We will also reduce our coverage area from 20 to 15 miles from the ranch.
There will be a small increase for overnight stays. For the first dog it will be $39 per night, for each additional dog it will be $34 per night. The 7th night for each consecutive stay, is still free. We want first class care for the dogs that stay with us. We don't charge for day care or to have your dog spend time outside of a kennel. The ranch is kennel free and all dogs that stay with us are playing with their friends. You do not have to pay extra for us to love your dog! We do not charge extra fees to give your dog medication. When we take care of your dog, we take care of your dog! And dogs are not left alone in the building without supervision. We all stay together, with a human supervising to make sure that everybody is safe. To do that, we will have to implement this small increase.

I would like to thank you for your support and for trusting us to take care of your dog. I hope to see you soon on the ranch or on our walks!

Dirk Broersma

Dirk Broersma