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Just a quick update on what is going on at the ranch. We introduced a number of changes the last time, most people had no problem adapting to Gingr and the new pricing structure and the packages. But for some the software was harder to get used to. We can help setting up accounts, buying packages etc.

We will start requiring that everyone who uses our transport service will have bought packages or enters payment information. We need to collect payment at the time of service or the system kind of goes haywire. Plus we can't keep a huge amount of outstanding invoices, like we explained in the last newsletter.

Our drivers will not take cash or check payments anymore (you still can pay with cash or check in the lobby of course), just to make the driving schedule easier and create less work for the drivers.

When you start using your account, you will see that it will give you a ton of information: what reservations are booked, what transactions took place, whether vaccines are up to date, you can see whether your dog ate or not. There are still a couple of features we will have to activate once we have figured out how to properly use it. So far we are very excited about Gingr. We are confident our clients will be too!

Gingr follow up

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By now, almost everyone claimed their Gingr account and is using it to book services. For those of you that don't like using it, we are trying to find one other channel to communicate request through. Some people are calling now, some of you are emailing (through different mail boxes), some are texting. Then there is Facebook, Yelp etc. It makes things very scattered, so we are looking for a way of making that more uniform. We will follow up in a future newsletter with some possible solutions for that.

A couple of things about Gingr. Through Gingr, you can book day care and boarding, these are considered 'reservations'. Then you can also book grooming, training, transport, etc, these are considered 'appointments'. Reservations trump appointments. You cannot book two things at the same time. So if you want your dog to stay for a couple of nights, and go home with a bath, you make a reservation for an overnight stay, then book the bath as an add on service. Everything shows up in one tidy package!

We don't offer transport for half days of day care, therefore you cannot add it to a reservation for half a day. The same goes for grooming. Booking those services with half days created problems, so we decided to not combine those.

When making a reservation, the system will ask you for a start and an end time. Please let us know what time you want to drop off your dog and what time you want to pick up. If you don't, it goes to a default of 6am drop off and 9pm pick up. It really helps us when we know when dogs are coming and going.

Once again, by using your Gingr account, you will have access to all the information about your dog, his/her care, your charges, your reservations etc. We will bring more updates on how to use different features in upcoming newsletters.

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Training Classes

We are proud to start offering training classes at the ranch. We have always offered one on one training either at the ranch or in people's homes. The classes will give us more options for our clients who are interested in training.

The classes will be taught by Cori MacGregor. She is an animal behaviorist and has trained many different species of animals at the Toledo Zoo. We are excited that she is coming to A Walk in the Park to offer dog training.

There are three levels:

Level I is a puppy socialization class. It's designed for puppies 112 to 16 weeks of age. It caters to their unique development during this stage of their lives.

Level II is a basic obedience class,. It follows Level I and is designed for dogs 4 to 6 months old. but is also is for dogs that haven't had much training yet.

Level III is further obedience training, meant for dogs 6 to 12 months of age, but is also caters to older dogs. They must have completed Level II.

The first class is an orientation and is a start for all the different classes. At this point, don't bring your dog yet. We will introduce you to the theory and philosophy behind our training techniques and explain to you how and why it works.

Adria Pugh, from PetWants will talk about dog food and how to read labels. It will help you understand what is in dog food, what you can safely feed your dog and what you should avoid.

Classes start on Thursday, April 26 at 7pm. We are starting with Level I and II, there is still room for a couple of more dogs (and their owners!), so if you interested, let us know. Please show up a little early, so we can sign you up. You will receive lesson material during each session, then you practice during the week.

We still offer one on one training and our puppy package, daycare combined with some training, will also help your puppy with socialization.

We hope to offer more training in the future, we will keep you informed, keep reading our newsletter!

For more information and to sign up in advance, go to our website, If you have questions, you can call us at 419-475-4101.

Dirk Broersma