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Urgent Message

We received information that a couple of dogs that were here at our facility have come down with canine cough. If your dog has been at our facility in the last 10 days, it is possible that he or she has been in contact with a dog carrying this. A couple of considerations about this:

First of all, for healthy dogs, canine cough is not a serious condition. It is contagious, so you will want to keep your dog away from other dogs, but normally, dogs behave the same, have a normal appetite and activity level. Dogs with a compromised or underdeveloped immune system are at risk of developing pneumonia. If your dog seems lethargic, he or she needs to see the vet. Keep your dog at home for 7 to 10 days from the moment symptoms subside

Dogs can carry and spread canine cough up to ten days without showing symptoms. Some dogs may carry it with no symptoms at all. This makes it very hard to keep infected dogs out. We instituted our 14 day rule. If your dog has been to another daycare facility, boarding facility, groomer, training facility or dog park, please wait 14 days before you bring your dog to our facility. It greatly reduces the risk that someone is bringing this contagion to the ranch. Of course dogs can pick it up anywhere, but there is a greater risk in places where multiple dogs are in close contact or share the same space. With the 14 day rule we can break the cycle.

To further limit exposure of the dogs in our care, we do not accept dogs from outside our geographical area.

Some people do not recognize canine cough in their dog. There are YouTube videos showing canine cough. Dogs can have a very recognizable 'goose honk' cough. They are trying to clear their airways and are spitting up white foam. some people confuse this with the dog throwing up.

We require the bordetella vaccine for all the dogs that come to our facility. However, there are almost 30 other viruses and bacteria that can cause or play a role in canine cough. Also, when the vaccine is created, the manufacturer has to predict what strains are going to be prevalent, sometimes they are more accurate than other times.

Dogs that are regularly exposed to other dogs, do seem to build up a level of immunity. We really want you to call us if your dog came down with canine cough. It helps us keep track and helps us determine how strong this strain is. So far, it seems that the affected dogs were either young or hadn't been to our facility much. If that is the case, adult dogs that visit us regularly might not be affected, unless we hear otherwise. So please report anything unusual that you notice.

We appreciate everyone's cooperation and will keep you informed when we find out more.

Dirk Broersma