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Consider adding food enrichment to your dogs routine photo Dirk Broersma

A lot of dogs today eat kibble, which is easy to feed and store, but also means they eat the same food day in day out. It's easy to forget that, much like us, our dogs would prefer some variety. Did you know that most dogs in the world are not pets but are free roaming? These dogs scavenge for food or sometimes are given food by people, making their diets a varied one, whatever they find.  While dogs are primarily carnivorous, they often enjoy a variety of veggies and fruits, adding vital nutrients to their diet.

Since dry kibble can become monotonous for dogs, our enrichment strategies aim to spice up their dietary routine. Using puzzle feeders, scatter feeding, snuffle mats, and even frozen 'pupsicles,' we provide your pups with fun and engaging ways to eat. These methods not only stimulate their minds but also allow them to use their natural foraging skills and scents to discover the food,  making it an enriching adventure.

For our enrichment program members, we include our Kong of the Month. This feature involves stuffing a Kong toy with a unique, homemade recipe each month. April’s feature is a delightful mix of organic sweet potato, organic green beans, topped with organic blueberries - a perfect blend of taste and nutrition. You can always spoil your dog by adding this feature to your dog’s day (or overnight stay)!

Trying new recipes helps maintain dietary interest and excitement, offering dogs the joy of discovery and a varied diet. As pet parents, you too can enhance your dog's daily kibble by incorporating safe, fresh ingredients into their routine.

Before introducing new foods to your dog's diet, it's crucial to ensure their safety. Some foods that are perfectly safe for humans can be harmful to our pets. Please refer to the Whole Dog Journal’s comprehensive guide on what foods to avoid to keep your pet safe and healthy:

When using food in puzzle feeders or other enrichment activities where dogs have to search for it, make sure not to do this when the dog is hungry. We don’t want the dogs to search for their main meal as this can become frustrating to the dog instead of enriching. Here’s to a month full of discovery and wagging tails!

Warm regards,

Dirk and the Team at A Walk in the Park