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Flu Update

It has been a month and a half since we found out about a canine flu outbreak in our area. Another day care got severely impacted by this outbreak. We are happy to report that we had no flu cases on the ranch and we are very thankful for that. All of our clients took this seriously and were careful not to take their dogs to places where they might get exposed. Also, everyone who hadn't done so already, immediately started the vaccination process.

It's hard to know exactly where this flu is present, since vets are not obligated to report cases. Therefore there are different stories and opinions out there. Some say that the outbreak seems to have subsided, others say that it is still going on. There were a lot of rumors out there, how this flu was 'racing through kennels and boarding facilities'. There were stories how other doggie day cares had outbreaks. As far as we know, that it not true.

What is true however, is that the canine flu is here to stay. Sooner or later it will come to our area again. But the combination vaccine offers good protection against both strains of the flu. Keep up to date with the yearly boosters. Being up to date on this vaccine is a requirement for all dogs that come to the ranch, whether its day care or boarding, grooming or training.

Some people acted surprised that we require the same vaccines for grooming as we do for our other services and some might even have been annoyed. But dogs that are being groomed are in a place where there are other dogs. This virus can be carried on hands and on clothing, through the air and it stays alive on surfaces for up to 48 hours. Even though we sanitize everything, the risk of spreading this disease is too great.

We heard someone say that if their dog gets the flu they just have to ride it out, just like they would. However, the flu impacts dogs much harder than humans. It's a new disease for them, they have no natural antibodies and almost always develop a pneumonia. We have heard that people ended up with around $1,600 in vet bills to treat their dog. It's not worth the money and the misery: get your dog vaccinated!

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Overnight stays

We offer extended hours for our client's convenience, 6am till 9pm on weekdays, 8am till 5pm on Saturdays and 9am till 9pm on Sundays, so people don't have to rush to get their dogs from day care or can still get their dog when they come home late from out of town. However, when to dogs come to stay with us, we ask that they don't get here later than 4pm. It's very exciting and maybe a little overwhelming when the dogs first arrive at the ranch. All the dogs, all the smells and the fact that they are away from home! We want the dogs to adjust to that, get used to the dogs they are going to spend time with and get in some playtime. If we don't give them some time to do that, before we go to bed, no one will get any sleep! So therefore we ask everyone, not to drop off their dog after 4pm!

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Tell us how we did.

We love to hear how we did. It always feels good to hear you did something right, it always helps to know where you can improve.

We sincerely appreciate a review on our Facebook, Google or Yelp accounts. It let's us know how we are performing and lets other people know about the ranch and whether this might be the right place for their dog. So please, let us know how we are doing.

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Dirk Broersma