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Dog daycare started out with the idea that young dogs who had lots of energy could benefit from social interaction with other young dogs.

Now it has morphed into something completely different, where dogs get dropped off whenever their owners are busy. There is the perception that all dogs must enjoy it or their is something wrong with them.

Actually, most dogs don’t necessarily enjoy playing for hours on end in a large group of dogs. Dogs have other needs and interests, based on their unique personality. They might enjoy interacting with humans, play training games, use their unique capabilities to detect scent, use their teeth to chew and shred, use their doggie problem solving skills and also enjoy downtime.

A new type of doggie daycare has emerged, that offers a structured schedule, yes, still social playtime, but also training games, mental stimulation, downtime and relaxation.

This is a much better option than a daycare where there is no structure, staff doesn’t help the dogs learn new skills and dogs aren’t taught to pace themselves. Most dogs are way too smart to be in a playgroup for hours on end. That situation is like sending kids to Chucky Cheese every day instead of to school.

Whatever your dog experiences at daycare is a learning experience, for good or for bad. Being over aroused day after day without the skills to manage and pace themselves, will not be good for your dog.

Enrichment daycare provides your dog with a much more fulfilling experience, the dogs will go home with a better mindset and habits, physically and mentally exercised, instead of just physically exhausted and mentally stressed.

Pet parents all over the country have learned that enrichment daycare is much better for their dog and that it is the future.

Dirk Broersma