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We are switching to new software,please read the details below!

It's February already, we have been so busy on the ranch, we didn't get the chance to send anything out in January! We hope everybody had a great holiday season and we want to give everyone a belated but heartfelt thank you for all the nice cards, comments, delicious food and other gifts we received. Because we were so busy, we slipped on sending out thank you notes and we apologize for that. We promise we will do better next time!. Once again, thank you, we are so lucky to have the great clients we have!

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Scheduling, payment and pricing changes

When we start using Gingr, there will be a lot of changes. Some of you will have received emails already concerning your dog's vaccine record. when we went live with the system, it went through the records we had and started sending alerts about expired or almost expired vaccines. Keeping track of this automatically will make this much less labor intensive for us and much more accurate.

What we ask everybody to do now is go to our website and log in as an existing client using the email address or cell phone number that we have on file for you right now. If your email changed, use your old email and then update your information. We want to make sure that all the information entered is correct.

Do not book any appointments before February 25th, that's when we launch. We will transition from Clover, (the system we are using now), to Gingr and by February 28th, Clover will be turned off. Therefore, it's important that any outstanding invoices will be settled before the end of the month.

One of the things Gingr doesn't do, is invoice clients. One of the biggest changes will be that you either pay at time of service or buy packages in advance. Invoicing simply isn't build into the system and we want to get away from it because it is causing problems. We were getting to many outstanding invoices. That means we are waiting on payment, but in the meantime we have to pay or staff, our utilities, our mortgage and insurance etc.

So to understand the system, we will put an explanation on our website. It's organized from the perspective of a daycare/boarding facility. To book daycare or overnight stays, you make reservations. Everything else we do, like grooming and training, is listed as a service. You can book grooming and training separate from day care of course, but remember that it is listed as a service.

For daycare we will be offering packages, either for full or half days. With the introduction of packages there will be a small increase in day care fees, but you will still be able to bring your dog for daycare for the current price if you buy the 10 day package. The same goes for half days if you buy a 10 day package. However, make sure you pick up on time for half days, or the charge will convert to a full day. This is programmed into Gingr and it starts when you check in your dog.

We can also store your payment information, securely on the merchant service provider's site, the staff doesn't have access to that information. Remember that payment is due at time of service, so if you boarded your dog and we bring him home, we need payment before we start driving. So we can either take payment over the phone or use information we have stored.

Another feature Gingr offers is a subscription service and we will offer that for monthly transport. It will charge the fee at the beginning of every month, automatically, so we don't have to remember every month who is using our monthly pass. Using this subscription, the price for the pass will stay the same and you can sign up and cancel anytime (however,the pass is still valid for the calendar month). There is also the option to buy a monthly pass as an ad on service, this pass is valid 30 days and starts on the first day of use but we charge $28 for this option.

Overnight stay pricing will not change, but there are some changes in the check out time. Checkout time will be 11am on the last day of boarding. Dogs picked up after 11am but before 3pm will be charged half a day daycare fee, which will be $17. Dogs picked up after 3pm but before 9pm will be charged a full day of daycare, which will be $27. We close at 9pm sharp, so if you didn't get there in time, you will have to come back the next morning. The staff has been working hard all day and leaves at 9 to get some well deserved rest!

And one last change will be our daily hours. Starting immediately, we will be open 6am till 9pm daily. We are getting more and more people who are bringing their dogs for the day on Saturday and Sunday and we want to make it more convenient for them to drop off and pick up their dogs. Since the staff gets their at 6am and leaves at 9pm, it's not that difficult to make that change. Between 9pm and 6am, we do stay with the dogs, but we won't be able to answer the door. Please don't knock on the windows when you're late, we won't be able to answer the door and you will be upsetting the dogs!

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Dirk Broersma