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We hope everyone is ready because
We are switching to Gingr

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We hope everyone read our last email and took the time to check their Gingr account. For those of you that didn't, please know that starting tomorrow, all the bookings will go through Gingr. This will help us run the day care a lot smoother. It will help us keep track of vaccine records, it will let the clients see reports on how their dog is doing, as we get busier, clients will be able to see if there still is room. We know it will take a little getting used to, but we are confident that in the end everyone will love this new system!

What you should do now:

-Go to our website,, and click on the 'my Gingr account at the top of the page. Make sure you are not using a Microsoft web browser! Use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari!

-You will have the choice of logging into Gingr as an existing client or as a new client. If you have brought your dog here already, we will already have created an account for you. Login with your email address or cellphone number (the ones that we have on file for you).

-Make sure all of your contact information is correct. Add information like additional phone numbers or email addresses, emergency contacts of people that are allowed to pick up your dog, if you like. Please sign our customer agreement, we might already have something on file, but it would be a huge project for us to scan all of those documents in.

-If you have expired vaccines, please make sure your dog gets up to date, then upload the records into Gingr, you will take care of them once they are uploaded.

Once all of that has been taken care of, you should be able to make reservation requests, if it is not working, you are either using the wrong browser or you are missing one of the above items.

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With the new system, we cannot invoice anyone or keep a balance. The way it is set up, we have to check in dogs that arrive and check out dogs that leave. That automatically creates a charge, which needs to be paid in order to check out the dog. If we don't the meter keeps running and it totally messes up the system. When you pick up your dog, it is easy to settle up with us, but when we do the driving it gets a bit more complicated. We recommend that all the clients that have us pick up their dog for day care, purchase day care packages online.

We will no longer accept cash or check for dogs that we transport. Before we take dogs home, charges will have to be settled, so for day care we can do this with packages, for boarding dogs we need payment information that we can charge the boarding fee to. We will not pick up dogs if this information is not up to date.

We recommended that if you use our monthly transport pass, that you sign up for a subscription. We will still charge $25 a month for that, it is still valid for a calendar month and it will renew automatically every month until you want to cancel it.

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When we are switching to Gingr, we will be shutting down our old system. We really need to close out all existing invoices! Please check your email and take care of any outstanding balances, so we can go ahead and unplug our Clover system. Any delay will cost us because we have to pay a subscription to keep this system going, so everyone's cooperation is appreciated! We hope you understand and we ask for everyone's patience while we make the switch. As always, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to take care of all your beautiful dogs!

Dirk Broersma