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While the love for animals might initially draw us to animal care, love alone is not enough for the responsible care and understanding needed for our furry guests. I’ve been working with dogs for a long time, but to further my knowledge I decided to become Fear Free Certified.

Animal care is a deeply underappreciated field. Our guests can't verbally communicate their needs or feelings, making it essential for caretakers to interpret their subtle signals accurately. Despite common outdated beliefs about dog behavior and obedience, recent scientific advances offer us better insights into their true needs and behaviors. This is where Fear Free training comes into play.

By becoming Fear Free Certified, we can offer a kinder, gentler approach to handling dogs. This training has not only enhanced my ability to care but also refined my skills and perception, allowing me and my team to tune into what our dogs are really trying to tell us.

In addition to our Fear Free certification, I am proud to hold PACCC certification. Together, these accreditations assure you, the pet parent, that we take our role seriously and are committed to continuous education in dog care. This dedication sets us apart and ensures that we're equipped to provide the highest level of care.

Our commitment extends beyond daytime activities. We offer social sleeping arrangements and have staff with the dogs around the clock, because this setup offers comfort to the dogs. Some of you might not have considered who watches over your dogs after dark, but we do, because we know the importance of continuous, reliable care.

We also understand the impact of stress on our canine guests. That's why we close our lobby during the midday hours. While this might be inconvenient for some, it helps keep the arousal levels in our facility low, reducing stress and promoting a calmer environment. Those who have embraced this practice see the difference it makes in their dogs’ wellbeing.

Fear Free started with veterinary practices but has since grown to include grooming salons, training facilities, boarding and daycare facilities and even pet sitters. Here is a link to a video featuring Temple Grandin, showing what a Fear Free approach means in a veterinary practice.

Our journey doesn’t stop here. We will continue to learn, adapt, and refine our operations as we discover even better ways of doing things. After all, creating a happy and healthy environment for dogs isn’t just our job—it’s our passion.

Warm regards,

Dirk and the Team at A Walk in the park

Always here for your furry family.

FearFree™ Certified professional

Professional Animal Care Operator Certified CPACO

A Walk in the Park