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We just had the fourth of July celebrations and we are in the middle of summer and it is hot!

We have had to make some adjustments, we have limited capacity because we try to keep both clients and customers safe. We are still not offering transport service, we don't think it is safe to send drivers out to people's homes to pick up dogs. Most of our training has been virtual the last couple of months. That might seem unusual to some people, but it has worked very well and the clients that joined us have gotten a lot out of it. We have done some in person consults and we are trying to organize some group classes, but all of this will have to be done outside with proper social distancing practiced. The safety of everyone is our priority.

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Curb side service

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, we have switched to curb side service. We will continue to do this for the foreseeable future. We noticed some added benefits, in that it is much easier on the dogs. Dogs will behave differently when their owner is present, they can become guarded, even more so when they are on a leash. That adds a level of stress that they can carry into the daycare. With our staff bringing in the dogs, we avoid this situation entirely, which has had a positive effect on the play groups.

We are streamlining this service, we added cones and signs to direct everyone to line up alongside the building. When you enter the parking lot, please stay to the left, drive to the end of the parking lot and turn where indicated. Then line up alongside the building. Please call when you are in front of the walkway to the door and call 419-475-4101 for service. Please don't call earlier as this disrupts the order in which clients arrive and makes it harder for us to bring out the right dogs.

To reduce the risk of contamination, we will no longer take the dog's own leashes and collars into the building. We will take them off in the client's car and put our own leads on the dogs. If you bring food, it will have to be portioned out in disposable ziploc bags. We will not accept bowls, toys, bedding or scoops. If canned food needs to be added, we can take the cans. No big bins and bags, please. the less we bring in, the better.

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A new kind of daycare

Before this pandemic, we were beginning to implement a new kind of daycare. We are moving to enrichment based daycare, also referred to as daycare 2.0. Think of it as a Montessori school for dogs. With structured activities, we can provide balanced activities that provide both physical and mental exercise. We talked about green, yellow and red dogs. There is so much information we want to share that can help everyone understand their dog better and activities and exercises and training games that can help with behavior issues. We wanted to have quarterly open house evenings where we could discuss how your dog is doing, a PTA night for dogs! That is on hold because of the Covid 19 threat, but other parts of this project are still moving ahead. More about this in our next newsletter.

Dirk Broersma