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It is almost July and summer is in full swing! We have been extremely busy since everyone can’t wait to travel and go out again! We want to accommodate everyone as much as we can. To be able to do that, we need to let you know the following:

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Curbside Service

We have been here all through the pandemic to take care of the dogs. We did this by taking precautions. We closed the building to the public and did only curbside drop off and pick up. At the moment there is conflicting information about where the Covid pandemic will go. As much as everyone wants things to go back to normal, our top priority is still to be here to take care of the dogs. Therefore we will continue to keep our lobby closed. We cannot do tours or let the public otherwise in the building. We will also not be resuming our dog walks or doggie transport, although that has to do more with staffing.

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Clients’ Responsibilities

As most of you are probably aware, businesses are having trouble hiring workers. We are no exception. We are always looking for exceptional people to help us care for our dogs, but are having a hard time finding them. Rest assured, we have sufficient staffing to safely supervise the dogs, day and night, but we want to make the transition to an enrichment based, interactive daycare model. In order to be able to do that, we have to be very efficient with our time. In order to spend the greater amount of our time with the dogs we have automated a lot of our behind the scenes tasks and are trying to create other efficiencies as well. We have also updated our phone directory. We prefer that you book through through Gingr, as it is the easiest and most direct method. Before making a reservation, please make sure your dog’s vaccine records are up to date. Gingr sends out reminders when vaccines are about to expire. Once expired, we cannot make reservations until we have updated records. This includes up-to-date fecal exam results. When at your vet, ask them to forward those records, since clients are responsible for sending us updated records. Please also make sure your payment method is up to date, as all dogs need to be checked dogs out through Gingr before we bring them out to you.

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How to Contact Us

If you cannot make a reservation, you can email us, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please leave the details of your reservation, day and time for drop off and pick up, additional services etc. Please make sure to give us a precise time, ‘morning’ is a 6 hour window and is too general! Remember, in order to help arriving dogs move easily into their group all overnight, and now daycare guests need to be dropped off no later than 2pm.

Additionally, you can call us at 419-475-4101. We ask that you leave a voicemail with your request, once again with detailed dates and times. We set blocks of time aside each afternoon to go through the messages and emails. If we can make the reservation, we will email a confirmation. We will not call back, unless there is an issue. Please don’t call us and try to make a reservation ‘live’; we are supervising and working with the dogs and taking calls takes attention away from the dogs. Plus, we won’t have a computer in front of us.

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Feeding Policies

We ask everyone to portion out meals separately, this will greatly speed up the feeding and we can ensure the current amount and number of meals for are correct. As for meals for daycare, we have set feeding times, breakfast gets prepared at 6AM, lunch at 11AM and dinner at 3PM. We regret that we cannot feed outside our set feeding times. If your dog missed breakfast we can certainly feed them lunch; breakfast will be over before most dogs arrive. If your dog only comes for half a day, we suggest you hold off on meals - play time is too valuable.

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Standing Reservations

We ask that everyone make a reservation before bringing their dog. Reservations need to be in by 8pm the night before. This way we can look at all the dogs that are coming and start putting playgroups together. We will talk more about how we put these together and what criteria we use. Some of you bring your dogs on a regular schedule, so we create standing reservations. We book these quarterly and July 1st a new quarter starts. We ask that everyone who has a standing reservation confirms with us that they want to continue this in the next quarter. If we don’t have a reservation in by 8PM the evening before you want to bring your dog, we might not have room.

There is an additional charge for what we call post-cutoff reservations and packages cannot be used.

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Upcoming Changes

There will be some changes coming to our programs and services. We anticipate them starting August 1st. We will send out more details as we are still working on these changes. One such change we are looking at is starting a membership program. We are a kennel free facility and stay with the dogs around the clock, which is what a lot of people like about our facility. But it only works if dogs are familiar with the ranch and come regularly. We will explain more about kennel free environments and dog-dog interactions in coming newsletters. There will also be some price increases starting August 1st, as well as some changes to how grooming prices are structured. Labor cost are the primary expense of a service business like ours. in order to provide the best service, we want to attract the best talent we can and keep the talent we have. To do that we have to follow what is happening in the market.

We have been trying to absorb all those increasing costs, but cannot continue to do so. We will have to adjust our pricing to be able to keep operating and doing what we love. Hopefully this will stabilize in the coming months.

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And Please Remember…

Please don’t wait to the last minute to make overnight reservations. We get very busy in the summer and will reach capacity from time to time. Please be aware that if we haven’t seen your dog for awhile, we will ask that for a reassessment, so we can be sure that your dog is comfortable in the off leash environment. Even though your dog has been here in the past, as the mutual fund commercial says: “past performance does not guarantee future results”; dogs get older and their preferences change. We will explain dog sociability in another newsletter.

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Dirk Broersma