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With all the reports on the spread of the new coronavirus and the news changing so fast, we want to reassure everyone that we will be here to take care of your dog. We are not experts on the virus, for that we want to refer everyone to the CDC website, still the best source for factual information about the virus. But here is what we do to keep everyone safe:
1. We already adhere to the strictest safety measures:
a. We do not take dogs from outside our region.
b. We ask owners to wait 14 days before coming to our facility after their dog has been to another lodging, daycare, grooming or training facility or dog park.
c We rotate several veterinary grade sanitizers and all staff have to pass a sanitation course before they can start working for us.

But this disease does not affect dogs, it affects people. To keep clients and staff safe, we have implemented stricter sanitation protocols in our lobby:
1. Door handles, light switches, counters, phones, keyboards and faucet handles are sanitized multiple times a day.
2. We sanitize the leashes and collars of the dogs that come to the ranch.
3. We offer doggie transport and our vans are sanitized.

Starting Monday, March 16:
1. We will no longer accept cash and checks as payment.
a. Please upload payment information into the Gingr app so we can check everyone out without any physical contact.
2. We will start taking dogs from the cars, and return them to the cars. Curbside service will be safer.
a. Call us when you are about to arrive to drop off and pick up your dogs: 419-475-4101.

Our staff has been instructed to:
1. Wash their hands regularly and refrain from touching their face.
2. Change into and out of their work clothes at the facility.
3. If anyone is feeling sick, coughing or sneezing, they are to stay home.
4. The staff is urged not to travel, if they have to they are to stay home for 14 days before they can come back.

Our training classes:
1. We will switch to an online format. We can connect with Zoom, which gives us a safe way to communicate and have a safe and effective way to continue our training classes.
2. We will continue to offer day school training for dogs that need extra help in daycare.
3. We urge you to keep your dog on a routine. Dogs can sense when people are worried, so keeping your dog on a routine of daycare and walks can prevent them from becoming (more) anxious.
4. At this time, we will still be doing our dog group walks on the weekends. Since we are outside and if we keep enough distance, we feel the walks are safe.

These are precautions meant to prevent further spread of the virus. Stay calm until this situation clears up. If anything changes, we will notify everyone immediately.

Dirk Broersma