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We are in a totally different place now than we were even a week ago. the city looks quiet, the freeways don't see the normal flow of traffic. Things are different and it affects us just like it affects everyone else. We are still open, we have clients who perform essentials jobs and need us to take care of their dog. Daycare is still strong, but since travel has come to a halt, there are not many dogs lodging.

We want to show our appreciation to all the healthcare workers who are here to protect and help all of us. From now till the end of April we offer a 10% discount on daycare (including packages), lodging and transport subscriptions. Please let us know you are working in healthcare when you check out or order packages from us, so we can give you the discount.

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New Protocols

We adopted new protocols which seem to be working very well and we want to thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation. To reduce the risk of spreading the virus, we closed the lobby and we will come to your car to get your dog and return him. When you arrive please call us, 419-475-4101 and we will come outside. Please allow for a little extra time, since we might have to bring in some dogs that arrived before you did.

All staff is instructed to sanitize all frequently touched surface regularly. They are washing their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds, they are instructed to catch their coughs and sneezes and not touch their face. Our drivers are also sanitizing their hands, clean the car and all leashes are being disinfected upon arrival.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call us at 419-475-4101.

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We are sad to see Tenae leave the ranch, after having been with us almost from the start. We hate to lose someone so talented and we are looking very hard for a replacement. Until we have find that person, our grooming services will be limited to bathing, brushing and nail trims. We can do anal glands, ear cleaning and teeth brushing, but no haircuts until further notice.

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Training Classes

Our training classes are going digital! Now that a lot of people are spending more time at home, it is a great time to start training your dog! Our Fundamental Training program teaches basic obedience and classes will resume this Monday, but instead of everyone getting together at the ranch, we will get together through Zoom, a meetings app, that allows us to do these classes live through a computer, smart phone or tablet. We can show everyone what we are teaching and watch you repeat and and give you immediate feedback. In the current climate this technology is wonderful, since we can connect without the risk of spreading the corona virus! You can sign up through the Gingr app; before the class begins, we will email you a link to enter the class. For more information, give us a call at 419-475-4101. Right now we offer two free days of daycare with a 30 day subscription to our Levels based classes. Dogs that attend daycare need to be up to date on their vaccines, including bordetella and Canine influenza. More classes will be offered soon!

Dirk Broersma