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Enrichment Dog Daycare 2As your trusted partners in canine care, we're here to guide your dog through every stage of their development, especially during the crucial period of adolescence. Understanding the complexities of this phase is key to nurturing happy, well-mannered, socially adept adult dogs.

In adolescence, dogs become selective about their playmates, mirroring the shift from the carefree play of puppyhood to the more structured social interactions of adult dogs. In turn, at our daycare, we carefully manage play sessions to ensure they are appropriate and fun for all dogs involved. We avoid uncontrolled play, instead focusing on structured activities that prevent bullying behaviors and encourage positive social skills.

Adolescent dogs are in a critical phase of brain development, where repeated behaviors become hardwired into adulthood. Our daycare program is designed to reinforce desirable behaviors through training games. These games help the dogs focus on the dog daycare counselors. When the people are more interesting to the dogs than anything else around them, it is easier to give them directions.

We focus on essential training elements like recall, wait, and controlled play. Our trainers work individually with each dog, reinforcing good behavior and gently redirecting undesirable actions. This personalized approach ensures that each dog learns to be polite and well-mannered, both at our facility and in the wider world.

Regular attendance as part of our membership model allows adolescent dogs to form safe and secure bonds with a select group of canine friends. This familiarity provides a stable environment where they can engage in calm, meaningful interactions rather than overwhelming play.

We understand the importance of a calm, stress-free environment for learning. Our staff is trained to manage situations without escalating stress or arousal, providing a model of calm leadership for our adolescent guests.

Our commitment at A Walk in the Park is to help your adolescent dog navigate this challenging stage with confidence and ease. By focusing on structured play, enrichment activities, and targeted training, we're setting them up for a lifetime of success and happiness.

Warm regards,

Dirk and the Team at A Walk in the Park