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I’m writing this week’s newsletter from Bali, Indonesia and it is not about the dogs this week. I travelled her with Lica’s family to bring her to her final resting place.

Lica enjoyed being on the ranch; she spoiled the dogs, looked after the staff and loved to connect with all the clients. Those who knew her, and there are many of you since Lica seemed to know everyone, appreciated her kindness and generosity.

It came as a shock to all of us, that after initial treatment of her breast cancer seemed successful, the disease came back aggressively. She was taken away from us way too early.

Lica grew up in Indonesia, so her brothers and I decided we should bring her back here and have a funeral ceremony with her relatives in Indonesia.

It sometimes is so hard to make sense of the things life throws at us. To find the strength to carry on. But I do believe that we all have a purpose in life, tasks we have to fulfill. We can learn and grow.

This journey has brought closure and healing to all of us. Rest in peace, Lica

Dirk Broersma