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IMG 1233Toledo City Paper Contest

We are very excited to be nominated for 'Best Dog Day Care' in the Toledo area by Toledo City Paper. Since we are new to the contest, we are the literal underdog, but you never know!

You can vote daily until December 20 by clicking here. We are listed under "Services". Thank you for your support!

Make sure your dog is fresh and clean for the upcoming holidays!

Our professional and caring groomers, provide bathing, haircut, nail trims, brushing and de-shedding in a stress-free environment 7 days a week. Dogs will not spend any time in a cage, and we do not use cage dryers. You can pick up your dog as soon as the grooming service is complete.

A bonus, grooming service can be scheduled for the conclusion of doggy day care or an overnight stay, so your pup comes home fresh and looking sharp.

All dogs must be in good health, without any illness, two weeks before visiting. To schedule an appointment, call 419-475-4101.

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Canine Flu Update
It has been three weeks since we found out there was a Canine Flu outbreak in our area. We alerted everyone immediately and so far we have not seen any cases on the ranch. We instructed everyone to get the vaccine immediately. The Canine Flu is here to stay and we will see outbreaks again in the future.
Our policy right now is that existing clients can bring their dog while they are getting their dogs vaccinated. The vaccination process consists of two steps. The initial vaccine followed by a booster given about 2 to 4 weeks later. After the booster it takes about 10 to 14 days for the vaccine to become fully effective.
Until then we need everyone to be careful. Don't take your dog to pet stores, other groomers, day cares or parks. We were told that all flu cases in the area could be traced back to Pups Paradise. Dogs that had gotten sick either stayed there or they lived next door to a dog that had stayed there and they sniffed noses through the fence and passed it along. So it is important we don't let dogs come in contact with dogs we don't know to prevent bringing the flu to the ranch.
New clients need to be fully up to date before they can come to us. Everyone else should be caught up pretty soon. The flu vaccine will be mandatory for everyone on December 5th, meaning that everyone will need to have had their booster on November 25th.
One important note: vaccines are required for ALL dogs coming to the ranch. That means dogs that come for training or grooming need to be up to date. We had people ask us why their dog needed to be vaccinated if it only came to be groomed? It's because the come to a facility where there are other dogs and they might pick something up. Don't ever go to a groomer that is not asking for proof of vaccination. It' unsafe and unprofessional and puts your dog at risk!

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Our weekly Walks in the Park

We want to resume our walks in Sidecut on Sunday December 3rd. We cancelled them in light of the canine flu outbreak. We did everything we could to protect the dogs in our care and we stopped the walks for a while to make sure that we didn't inadvertently spread the flu. But we missed doing them! The weather is not as warm as in October but the dogs don't care and neither do we! So if your dog could use some help brushing up their social and leash walking skills, come join us every Sunday morning at 10.30 in the Riverview area of Sidecut Park! Check our Facebook page, if there is rain or snow in the forecast, we will post any cancellations there.

Dirk Broersma