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We are proud to announce our participation in the Heroes for Health Infectious Diseases prevention program and all of our staff is becoming certified. To be effective we have to cover three bases. We have to make sure all the dogs are up to date on their vaccines. We have to properly sanitize our facility. When dogs do show symptoms of illness we have to isolate them from the rest of the population. If we miss any of these three goals, we put everyone at risk. Therefore we urge everyone to keep your dog's vaccinations up to date. Don't wait till the last minute when you need our services, to find out vaccines are expired. Your dog will not be able to come to the ranch. Gingr, our scheduling program, sends out reminders when your dogs vaccines are about to expire, so when you get this email, don't delay and make an appointment with your vet.

Also, some conditions spread easily within a population of dogs and from one population to the other. If your dog has been to another boarding facility, a day care, a groomer or a dog park, we ask you to wait 14 days before you come to the ranch. It helps us in breaking the disease cycle. Within 14 days, you will know if your dog has been exposed to an illness from that other population. No one wants their dog to get sick, if everyone sticks to this simple rule, we can reduce the risk significantly.

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In the last Newsletter we mentioned that there will new policies regarding holiday boarding. We urge everyone to make your reservations now, since we anticipate we will be at full capacity. Both for Thanksgiving and Christmas there is a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you book through Gingr, you will see that it will ask you for a deposit. For those of you that have booked already, but for whom we haven't collected a deposit, we will call you.
We want everyone who needs to use our service during the holidays, a chance to do so. If a spot opens up and we get notified in a timely manner, we might be able to help someone else.

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And finally, we had to create a new policy regarding dogs in our care. We hadn't foreseen this, but here is what happened. A couple of times, dogs have been picked up by friends or relatives, while they were boarding with us. They would be gone for a couple or hours before they were brought back. We realized that this could lead to liability issues:

First, if something happens to the dog, he or she gets hurt or gets into something that makes them sick, it's going to be difficult to determine if that happened while with us or while the dog was away. We have no control over what happens when the dog is not in our care.

Second, when we take care of a number of dogs, it is important to account for everyone at all times. We do regular headcounts throughout the day, to make sure no one sneaked off! It is going to be hard to do that, if the staff can't be sure if any given dog is going to be present or not. Gingr does not give us an option to checkout a dog for a short period of time, this creates uncertainty.

We hop[e everyone understands we had to take this step for your dog's best interest,

Dirk Broersma