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Upcoming Training Classes

We have new training classes starting this coming Tuesday. We started offering classes this year besides our private training. I can't stress enough how important training is for your dog. As we explain in the class, dogs don't speak English, they don't speak like humans at all. They have their own way of communicating, mainly through body language. Training helps create a common language between you and your dog, where your dog learns what you are asking of him. We also have to become aware of our own body language and be aware of our own emotional state. We might be communicating something without realizing it! All these things will be explained in our training class. You can sign up through your Gingr account.

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Holiday Reservations

Fall is approaching quickly, pretty soon the farmers' markets will close so we won't have our walks there till next spring. Our walks in Sidecut and the Quarry neighborhood will continue year round.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of our busiest times of the year and we expect to reach capacity during those holidays. So if you have plans, please make your reservations early. We will institute a cancellation policy for those busy times and when you make a reservation, a deposit will be required. We want to make sure we can help everyone who wants their dog to stay with us during those holidays.

We want to ask everyone to help us make check ins and check outs as efficient as possible. We ask everyone to bring their dogs in on a leash, please don't let them run off leash, it is a safety hazard. We ask that you put your dog on a regular leash, not a retractable leash, because it's hard to control a dog on one of those. We also ask that you have a regular quick release collar on your dog. Harnesses and head halters are fine as long as they don't have buckles. For the safety of the dogs in our care, we don't have them wear collars when they interact and we need to be able to remove these items easily.

We also instituted a policy where we asked everyone to wait two weeks to come to the ranch after your dog had been to another day care, boarding facility or groomer. Conditions like kennel cough spread more easily if dogs are closer together and having dogs travel between different populations like two different day cares, creates far greater risks. If everyone waits for 14 days, it will become obvious if the dog in question had been exposed to any illness. Since no one wants their dog to become sick, we ask that everyone sticks to this rule. it's a matter of mutual trust.

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Dirk Broersma