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As I mentioned before, most dogs are way too smart to be satisfied with the same routine everyday. That is why we're proud of our enriching program that is tail-waggingly delightful and intellectually engaging – a program that goes beyond the conventional dog daycare experience.

We believe in providing a range of activities that touch upon various aspects of their innate instincts. Our enrichment program spans across multiple categories, offering an extensive array of experiences to our furry guests.

1. Food Enrichment: Tantalizing Treats and Puzzling Play:

Food is a great motivator that we use in both training and enrichment activities. Our food enrichment activities include stuffed Kongs, frozen treats, and exploration of different fruits and veggies like carrots and watermelon. Puzzle feeders, lickie mats, rolled-up towels, cardboard boxes, and tubes offer interactive ways for our dogs to find their hidden treasures, creating a rewarding adventure.

2. Cognitive Enrichment: Minds at Play:

Our canine companions possess brilliant minds that yearn for stimulation. Through brain games and puzzle toys, we challenge their intellect and problem-solving skills, helping them focus their energy on positive outlets.

3. Physical Enrichment: Play, Run, and Discover:

While traditional daycare may tire dogs out physically, we recognize that mental exercise is just as vital. Our program features dynamic activities like fetch, tug of war, flirt poles, obstacle courses, and cardboard chaos, allowing dogs to explore, romp, and satisfy their natural urge to chew and shred.

4. Social Enrichment: Friendships and Beyond:

Interaction is a cornerstone of canine happiness. Our group play sessions foster social skills, but we also offer creative activities such as hide and seek, encouraging dogs to bond with both peers and our caring staff.

5. Sensory Enrichment: Exploring a World of Sensations:

Dogs experience the world through their senses, and we create environments that cater to their sensory needs. From April showers with sprinklers and water slides to the cozy ambiance of our Campfire S'mores Day, we engage their senses with different textures, smells, sights and sounds.

Enrichment is a Necessity, Not a Luxury: Why Enrichment Matters:

In today's world, dogs face limitations in exploring the great outdoors freely. Our enrichment program steps in as a beacon of joy, providing an avenue for dogs to indulge their natural instincts, all within the confines of safety. Boredom and stress is alleviated as our carefully curated activities channel their energies positively.

While physical activity is vital, true contentment lies in mental engagement. Enrichment activities promote confidence, alleviate stress, and form an integral part of our Puppy PlayCare program, facilitating essential socialization. This isn't just about meeting new pals; it's about fostering a calm and confident demeanor when faced with novel situations.

We honor our dogs' autonomy, allowing them the choice to engage or not. Our monthly enrichment calendar highlights our plethora of activities, allowing you to tailor your dog's experience to their preferences while also encouraging them to explore new avenues. Discovery brings excitement and confidence, enriching their lives in ways unimaginable.

At A Walk in the Park, the leash of limitations is loosened, and the spirit of adventure thrives. Join us in creating a world where every wag of the tail signifies not just happiness, but enrichment beyond measure.

Dirk Broersma