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Enrichment based Dog Daycare!

Special Day School Program for Non-Social Dogs

At A WalIMG 1872k in the Park, we understand that not all dogs thrive in social playgroups. For those who may not enjoy group interactions but still have a keen interest in engaging activities and human companionship, our Special Day School Program is the perfect solution.

Dogs in this program enjoy all the solo enrichment activities available in our regular enrichment program, including training games, frozen Kongs, and relaxing story time. This creates a balanced routine of activities and rest, ensuring a fulfilling and enjoyable day.

Additionally, we recognize that some dogs may prefer one-on-one play with another dog, and we encourage these interactions if it suits the dog's temperament. Our Special Day School is also ideal for unaltered dogs older than seven months. Unneutered males can disrupt group dynamics, and unaltered females in heat should avoid daycare facilities.

However, new research suggests benefits in delaying spaying or neutering, and our program offers a safe, enriching environment for these dogs to learn and enjoy solo activities. Remember, social play is just one of many ways to enrich a dog's life, and our Special Day School ensures that every dog has the opportunity to engage in activities they love while their owners are away.


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Enrichment  Based DaycareThere are many reasons to choose A Walk in the Park for your doggy daycare needs. Our caring and knowledgeable staff is trained in all aspects of our program including: proper sanitization, recognizing dog breeds and their personality traits, stages of dog development and how they impact learning and play, and how to properly read dog body language in order to safely and successfully manage playgroups. Our large and spacious indoor facility offers the dogs ample areas to play and rest. With five (5) outdoor play yards, we have the ability to offer different play experiences and modify group sizes as needed.

Our enrichment based program offers a wide variety of activities so that dogs are routinely being mentally and physically challenged and they never get the chance to get bored! Lastly, our diverse training program is integrated into all of the other programs we offer, including daycare!

We work on basic obedience skills with all of the dogs as well and work to help them gain concepts of focus and calmness, which helps us better manage playgroups and create a comfortable atmosphere. This will also help you with your dog at home.

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Why is Enrichment Daycare Better?

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An enrichment-based daycare program offers benefits that a ‘play-all-day’ program doesn’t:

Unlike a ‘play-all-day’ program, an enrichment-based daycare program provides mental stimulation and challenges for the dogs, which is important for their overall well-being. Dogs are intelligent animals that need mental stimulation to prevent boredom and behavior problems.

An enrichment-based daycare program gives us the opportunity to offer individualized attention. We can tailors activities to each dog's needs and preferences. This allows for a more personalized and engaging experience for each dog.

An enrichment-based daycare program can also help to improve behavior in dogs by providing them with positive outlets for their energy and by encouraging positive behaviors. This can lead to a more well-behaved dog both in and out of the daycare setting.

An enrichment-based daycare program still provides physical exercise and playtime for the dogs, but it does so in a way that is structured and designed to provide additional mental stimulation.

An enrichment-based daycare program can also help to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs by providing them with a stimulating and positive environment. This can be especially beneficial for dogs that may be prone to anxiety or stress in social situations.

An enrichment-based daycare program is a more well-rounded and beneficial option for dogs compared to a 'play-all-day' program. Social also play becomes a bit less important for a lot of dogs as they get older and an enrichment program offers the opportunity for dogs to engage in other activities that are meaningful to them.

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